Get Kids Paddling – Two Questions and a Reminder

As we get into the 2021 year, we hope to keep you more informed about what we are doing. We will also be seeking your input.

So – Reminder first –

On Tuesday, April 27 at 7 pm, Cadets Canada will be making a presentation to Get Kids Paddling. (Details below.)

You are invited to tune into the presentation and stay afterwards to audit the initial 2021 planning meeting of the GKP Steering Committee, if you wish.

To sign up, contact us at

 And – Two questions that we’d like feedback on:

Do you know of any programs or activities that are helping families prepare for canoeing or kayaking trips? We are wondering if there is an unmet need in that sector.

Secondly, we are trying to identify robust school paddling programs. With the pandemic taking place we don’t expect there is much activity now, but if you know of programs that have been outstanding and are likely to be so in the future, we want to hear about them.

To respond – 

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