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Get Kids Paddling is a grassroots organization created to support Canadian youth in the discovery and exploration of Canada through paddling.

Why GKP?

Keeping Canadian Backcountry Wilderness Culture Afloat…

For seven years, Get Kids Paddling has been committed to supporting the growth and development of paddling experiences for Canadian youth.

What began as a conversation amongst a few paddling instructors about the best way to build and grow opportunities for the next generation of Canadian paddlers has now grown to a network of more than 450 strong.

Today, paddling programs for youth face more challenges with respect to planning, resources and managing risk. There has never been a better time for this unique, national undertaking to get kids paddling.


Learn More, Get Involved…

Canoeing and kayaking are integral parts of our Canadian heritage.

Get Kids Paddling is an organization that is committed to supporting the growth and design of programs that can introduce and ignite a passion for paddling and backcountry tripping among our youth.

In addition to working with outdoor education programs in schools, Get Kids Paddling partners with community-based groups who might also be facing the same restrictions and difficulties with respect to sustainable programming.

To get involved, and learn more about how you can support, and connect with Get Kids Paddling, click below.

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GKP Enters its 8th Year | Nicholas Mills Trial | and Your Feedback Please!

Get Kids Paddling Begins Its 8th Year! Eight years later and we are still advocating to get more kids paddling. Thank you for your support. Nicholas Mills Trial On October 6, we should have the verdict in the Nicholas Mills Trial. The impact of that decision will be ours to address.  Get Kids Paddling has already developed …