Get Kids Paddling Responds

Hello again!

It is certainly a summer like no other I’ve experienced!  The Climate Crisis is increasingly apparent and the need to organize critical. 

Covid-19 is still with us and there are numerous other unsettling issues. 

Where Get Kids Paddling fits in all this is a question for each of us to answer. With over 80% of our 4 million plus youngsters living in urban environments, how can we hope for them to appreciate the outdoors?  

In Ontario, the Nicholas Mills trial over the drowning of Jeremiah Perry has still not been resolved. We are advised that on September 3, 2021, the judge will either deliver a verdict or ask questions of the lawyers. If the latter, the decision will come several weeks later. On July 9, 2021 the following Canadian Press article on the trial was published.

In June, Get Kids Paddling developed the following response to the drowning and trial. We welcome your comments.

Finally for now, Paddle Canada has made the following offer.

Best wishes.
Dave Goldman, Chair
Get Kids Paddling

Outdoor Educators: Complete the OPHEA Annual Survey!

Dear Outdoor Educators,
Recent changes by OPHEA to their safety guidelines have made our roles as
outdoor educators exceedingly challenging. Many of us see a general lack of
understanding by OPHEA in regards to the true risks involved in paddling and
while on canoe trips.

OPHEA has produced a survey looking for feedback by Friday December 4th ,
2020.  As outdoor educators, we have an opportunity to voice our concerns
directly to OPHEA.  By completing the attached survey in large numbers, we can
hope that collectively, we may get this point across, and this would hopefully
compel OPHEA to rethink their approach to producing guidelines that are too
restrictive and created with far too little input.
Please click on the link below and complete the attached survey.  
And please forward this email to other teachers you know who you think would
like to complete this survey to provide feedback to OPHEA on the impact their
safety guidelines are having on outdoor education.

Click here to complete the OPHEA Annual Survey!


Dave Goldman, Chair
Get Kids Paddling