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Get Kids Paddling was formed to create opportunities to get more young people into nature through various forms of paddling. We believe that paddling, especially canoeing and canoe tripping, is an integral part of our Canadian culture and heritage and should be accessible to all young Canadians.


Canoeing is an integral part of our Canadian heritage. Canoe programs in Ontario high schools
and outdoor education centres have been ideal environments for offering students authentic
experiential learning opportunities. Despite their benefits it is becoming increasingly difficult to
sustain these programs.

A survey in the spring of 2015 identified difficulties faced by paddling programs in schools. Our
next step is to determine the current state of canoe programs in Ontario schools and identify best
practices which address the difficulties we face.

Beyond that we would like to connect with community-based groups who may be experiencing
similar restrictions, and to continue the conversation to persevere and promote recreational

Roy McGregor in his recent book, CANOE COUNTRY, recounts in detail the genesis that led to
the canoe being named Number One of Canada’s Seven Wonders in the 2007 CBC poll. The
book contains numerous references to the concept of the canoe trip being integral to the Canadian

Over the next while as we go on this journey to put kids and young people into canoes, I’m
confident that we will find the language and develop the rationale to gain the support of many

I keep thinking If we don’t do this, who will? It is our time now, our Watch.

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